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SharXkin BlueKut 6-inch pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film discs provide high cutting aluminum oxide grain on a resin over resin bond and waterproof polyester film backing that enables application flexibility for either wet or dry surfaces.
•For use on Orbital sander
•For effortless sanding of surfaces and edges, and quick removal of sanding dust
•Adaptable high grain-adhesion discs may be used on wet or dry areas“

6" Film Discs PSA (100 Discs)

  • OPERATION / APPLICATION Sanding of surface and edges Wet or dry sanding WORKPIECES Paints Repair industry Automotive body Product type: Sharxkin bluekut Product range: P80 ~ P600 Backing material: Polyester Film (PE Film) Bonding: Resin over Resin Grain type: Aluminum Oxide Coating State: Open coat Special top coat to prevent clogging
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