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Contains 12 different sizes. 121 Pieces Total

Honda Clips & Retainers Assortment #2549T

  • Keep all the popular Honda clips in stock with this great Honda assortment. Includes: Bumper Fascia Fasteners 10mm Hole Size/27mm Stem/20mm Flange 10mm Hole Size/24mm Stem/ 20mm Flange Push Type Retainers 10mm Hole Size/ 15mm Stem/20mm Head 8mm Hole Size/21mm Stem/ 18mm Head 8mm Hole Size/20mm Head/9mm Stem 10mm Hole size/20mm Head/13mm Stem 10mm Hole Size/ 25mm Head/11mm Stem 8mm Hole Size/20mm Head/ 18mm Stem Weatherstrip Fasteners 6mm Hole size/10mm Stem/5mm x 15mmHead Retaining Clip 6mm Hole Size/12mm Head/9mm Stem Hood Insulation Clip 7.5mm Hole Size/30mm Head Sold In an 11 x 6 3/4" Polypropylene Box 121 Pieces Total
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