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Contains 12 different metric nuts. Total 150 pieces

Metric Nut & Self Thread Cut Nuts Asst #AN-909CT

  • Includes 25 each Hex Stamped Nuts Self Threading: M4 Stud x 9mm Hex, Yellow Finish (GM '77-replaces 11502520); M5 Stud x 10mm Hex, Plated (GM '77-replaces 11501793; M6.3 Stud x 13mm Hex, Zinc Finish (GM '77-replaces 11503417). 25 Each Thread Cutting Nuts without sealer, Self Threading: 11mm Integral Faceted Washer, M3.2 Stud x 8mm Hex, Zinc Finish (GM '77-replaces 11501942); 15mm Integral Faceted Washer, M4 Stud x 9mm Hex, Black Finish (GM '78-replaces 11502540); 15mm Integral Flat washer, M5 Stud x 10mm Hex, Black Finish (GM '77-replaces 11501932). Includes 20 each: Thread Cutting Nuts with Sealer, Stamped Hex, self threading w/ 15mm Integral Faceted Washer & Sealer, M4 Stud x 8mm Hex, Zinc finish (GM '77-replaces 11502549); Stamp Hex Lock Nut w/ Integral Multifaceted 18mm Washer Face, M6.3-1.0 x 18mm O.D., Black finish(GM '77-replaces 11501014 & 11503691). Includes 15 Self Threading Stamped hex w/ 18mm Integral Faceted Washer & Sealer, M6.3 Stud x 11mm hex, Zinc finish (GM '77-replaces 11501851). Includes 10 each: Hex flange Nut M6-1.0, 14.2mm Washer diameter, 10mm A/F, Grade 9, Black Finish (replaces 11503745); Hex flange nut M8-1.25, 18mm Washer Diameter, 13mm A/F, Grade 9, Zinc Finish(replaces11502609). Also includes 5: Hex Flange Nuts M10-1.5, 21mm Washer Diameter, 15mm A/F, Grade 9, Black Finish (replaces 11501850)
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