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Contains all popular sizes of bolt retainers and self threading nuts.

Thread Cutting Nut & Push On Retainer Kit-#2528T

  • Includes Black Finish Push On Retainers: 1/4" Bolt Size, 25/32" Flange O.D.; 1/2" Bolt Size, 15/16" O.D.; Zinc Finish Push On Retainers: 6-1.00mm Screw Size, 17mm Flange O.D.; 12-1.75mm Bolt Size, 21mm Flange O.D.; Dacromet Finish Push On Retainers: 8-1.25mm Screw Size, 24mm Flange O.D.; 10-1.50mm Screw Size, 24mm Flange O.D.; Zinc Finish Thread Cutting Nuts: 1/8" Stud Size, 5/16" Hex, 17/32" Flange; 3/16" Stud, 3/8" Hex, 5/8" Flange; 1/4" Stud, 7/16" Hex, 11/16" Flange, 5/16" Stud, 1/2" Hex, 7/8" Flange; 6.3mm Stud size, 11mm Hex, 18mm Flange; Black Finish Thread Cutting Nuts: 8mm Stud, 13mm Hex, 20mm Flange. Contains 245 pieces, organized in a 11" x 6 3/4" Polypropylene Box
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