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About the Company


 The Beginning

  • Founder, Arthur Detweiler began his career in sales as a boy with little means but big dreams, growing up in Coney Island, NY.   "Artie boy" found a great knack for selling, whether it was lemonade or cups of paper confetti on the streets of Brooklyn.   In early 1964, he answered an ad for a representative for Kent Automotive, where he soon broke sales records, year after year.  Seeing a void in the auto glass replacement market, Arthur founded P.D.Q. Supply Co, selling windshield and mouldings clips out of his station wagon.

  • That line expanded to include auto body clips and fasteners, packaging them in his garage and traveling across Long Island and the Five Boroughs. 


The Partnership

  • In 1992, Karen Peirce was hired as the second sales rep for P.D.Q. Supply Co.  Equipped with only a floppy disk computer, hand scanner and 14.4 modem, Karen registered the domain name: and created the company's first website.  Together Arthur and Karen began a business partnership and friendship that would span more than 20 years, until his passing in September 2015. 



  • P.D.Q. Supply Co. has expanded  with distributors in 5 countries and in 26 states in the United States.  Through the expansion, P.D.Q. continues to serve the  Long Island and metropolitan New York area with local sales representatives as well as selling directly to auto body and automotive repair shops nationwide.   Since its humble beginnings, P.D.Q. has always stayed true to its core belief: No matter the market or competitor, never compromise quality or the ability to provide customer service.  As Arthur would say "You can always save a nickel, but not at the expense of the customer".   We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business.




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