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Curtain Walls


Adjust-A-Wall™ system consists of a sturdy 16-gauge galvanized steel track system with durable, smooth rolling nylon roller-hooks and a heavy duty vinyl curtain partition

  • Each Adjust-A-Wall™ curtain is constructed with hook and loop closures on vertical edges to provide seamless connections with adjoining curtains with easy access to enclosed areas, and sewn with metal chain at the bottom to reduce movement in drafty areas

  • Combination curtains feature a 52" high clear or tinted (for welding) flame retardant transparent vinyl center section that starts 30" up from the bottom. The bottom and top sections are made of flame retardant vinyl laminated polyester, available in blue, green, yellow, white, red, black, or gray. Vinyl strip curtains can be included in combination with your Adjust-A-Wall™ system.

  • Steiner’s technical team will provide all the necessary track and hardware components based on the installation mounting method and configuration chosen (contact PDQ for price and details 1-800-434-5141 or

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