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12 different Toyota clips.  Push clips, door panel clips, screw grommets and more.  Total 146 pcs.  

Toyota Clips & Retainers #2738T

  • Contains 12 different plastic retainers. Total 146 pcs. Door Trim Panel Retainers-9mm Hole; Push Type Retainers-7mm Hole/General; 7mm Hole/Front Fender Liner; 9mm Hole/Rear Bumper Cover; Retaining Clips- 5mm Hole; 7mm Hole; Headlamp Bezel & Grille Nut-10 Screw Size/Natural Nylon; Screw Grommets-10 Screw Size/Fits 8.5mm Square Hole; 10 Screw Size/General; 6 Screw Size/7mm Square Hole; 12 Screw Size/10mm Square Hole/Front & Rear Wheel Fender Liner; 1/4"(# 14) Screw Size Organized in an 11 x 6 3/4" polypropylene Box
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