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12 different styles of foreign and domestic weatherstrips.  Total 300 pcs.

Weatherstrip Clips Assortment #2511T

  • Includes: Black Nylon Weatherstrip Retainers: 4.5mm (3/16") Hole size, 11mm Stem Length, 4.8 x 13.5mm Head Diameter GM # 4876498 5mm Hole,14.5mm Stem, 5.5 x 14.5mm Head, Lincoln 1989 & on 4.5mm Hole/11mm Head/8.3mm Stem; 4.5mm Hole/9.1mm Head/13.5mm Stem; White Nylon Weatherstrip Retainers: 5mm Hole Size, 15mm Stem Length, 6.5 x 16.5mm Head Diameter 5mm Hole/10mm Stem/7 x 16mm Head; Orange Nylon Weatherstrip Retainers: 6mm Hole/10mm Stem/5 x 15mm Head, Honda # 91530-SP1-003 Black Nylon Retaining Clips: 4mm Hole/9mm Head/10.7mm Stem; 4.5mm Hole/11mm Head/16mm Stem; 5mm Hole/13mm Head/11mm Stem; 5.3mm Hole/10mm Head/15.5mm Stem; 6mm Hole/12mm Head/9mm Stem
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